how to breakdance footwork combo – Save your moves with hong 10

Save your moves with bboy Hong 10

Today we are go to talk about how to sava yout moves with bboy hong 10 this is the new season of break advices with de red bull bc one all star

learn how to save your moves with hong 10
falling is not a option

In this episode, B-Boy Hong 10 will explain the concept of saving. Nowadays falling is not an option and to avoid fallings you have to know different transitions that will help you save the round.

when we are training our breaking many times we cannot avoid it.
One of the most effective ways to avoid that is to create tricks to rescue your falls.

how to breakdance footwork combo

Remember that break dance is a battle of strategy.

remembering the 4 previous classes we have already learned how to make footwork patterns with ronnie, use the bounce in power moves, use directions with menno, battle attitude with lilou and observe our opponent with roxrite and taisuke.

this class serves as a complement, saving your movements to have cleanliness is fundamental

if we remember in the history of break dance, every bboy danced to demonstrate his fluency and originality.

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