break dance battle – Response with roxrite and pelezhino

Response with bboy roxrite and pelezhino

hi bboy, today I brought you the last video of the special season with the red bull bc one all star, called response with bboy roxrite and pelezino

in the next episode B-Boy Roxrite and B-Boy Pelezinho will take you into the conversation of a break dance battle.

The oldschool way to battle is Q & A type of battle. The art of battle is the art of conversation.

break dance battle

Basically today we are going to learn how to generate adequate responses when we are in battle.

Many times when we are dancing we do not know how to respond to our opponent.

these bboys will show you some examples of how a battle would be and what kind of response should be given.

They usually say that the answer must be with the same element or the same trick but combined with something more difficult.

thanks to the previous classes, we have already learned to:

and I’m sure that if you analyze it better it will help you.

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