breakdance bboy wing – workshop execution

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Execution with Bboy wing

Today I bring you the video tutorial break dance called execution, the key to victories with bboy wing

Remember that this is the new break advice season with the red bull bc one all stars

The devil is in the details and the success on stage is in the execution. Falling is not an option, remember? In this episode, B-Boy Wing shares his secrets on how to make a difference.

breakdance bboy wing

Sometimes we ask ourselves how we can win battles and we dedicate ourselves to training too much top rock, footwork, power moves or freezes but we can not win.

Many times we do not win because our execution in the wrong, the break dance or breakdancing as they call others is about running everything in the best possible way

From the basic steps to the advanced steps.

Everything we do on this website is for you to learn what is necessary in this dance.

bboy wing the runner-up of the bull bc one champions network, explains how to achieve better dance performances.

this video serves as a complement to the previous videos, do not forget to see them.

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