Learn break danceTraining Tips with Bboy storm – Breakdance video tutorial

Training Tips with Bboy storm – Breakdance

breaking book life returns with the workshops and video tutorials to learn breakdancing in this 2018.

This time he presents again bboy storm for a special workshop about his personal tips for the training of each bboy and bgirl.

If something is right bboy storm is that the best dancers in the world that are seen in videos owes its great level of learning to the way they train.

Tips with Bboy storm – Breakdance

from the beginning when the break dance began, each one had a way of training and that made them different in battles.

The breakers just wanted to demonstrate their best skills dancing, doing footwork or power move.

The question now is, have you felt that your steps are over?

bboy storm has an interesting theme for advanced footwork, more original top rock and powerful power moves. 

It’s all about the reason for the training.

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