Battle attitude with bboy lilou Learn break dance

Battle Attitude wit bboy lilou

Today we will review battle attitude with bboy lilou
this is the new season of break advice.

in the break dance is necesary to learn to play with the music and for this need to see the video.

battle aptitude

In the next episode bboy Lilou will share his thoughts about battling and battle attitude in te break dance battle.

When you jump on stage battle is not only about moves, but also about your charisma.

the energy you spread on the dancefloor and your battle attitude.

Many times on the website I have talked about the importance of being yourself when battles and there is no more correct way to do it than adding some of our charisma to our dance.

However, this is something that you should practice, when you do not train your attitude this is similar to not training tricks.

the battle experience will help you to develop better against your opponent and the juries.

every battle is a new experience and lilou gives you some tips to improve.


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