Learn Headspin with bboy storm – how to breakdancing 2018

Learn Headspin with bboy storm

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we are going to enter the section again to learn basic power moves, this time a well-known old-school bboy like bboy storm is going to talk to us in this break dance video tutorial.

break advice always brings the best breakdancing dancers to help us with their advice.

for those who do not know what is headpin is a trick of power move something complicated in that each bboy must turn with his head on the floor.

This trick consists of strength of the neck and torzo but also a high level of balance is needed to avoid falling through the turns.

In hip hop culture there are many movements that are quite interesting as the so-called windmill, flares, airflare and footworks

Each of these has a high level of difficulty, the good thing is that breaking book life break dance school online tra for you the best breakdancing tutorials so you can learn fast.

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