Learn breakdance – Airflare transitions – Bboy kid colombia – Video tutorial breakdancing

Tutorial Airflare Transitions

All basic movements of breakdance have transitions, rather all advanced movements also have it or rather all tricks must have transitions and these transitions will help us to have a more fluid dance.
Today we have to analyze a basic power move trick called airflare, this class is going to be explained by bboy kid colombia, a bboy character in the power move area, his difficult power moves are striking but his transitions are exceptional.

Video Tutorial Airflare Transitions

In fact, it applies very well in all the concepts of breakdancing and that break-up was created, like bboy, our goal is to be original creators of universal movements.
In the break dance videos, break dance tutorials and other types of videos where the best power move dancers come out, we will surely watch kid colombia in these positions.
The airflare is a movement of gymnastics that was evolved by breaking, among windmills, flares, babymill and other tricks, this will always be one of the most coveted for its high difficulty.

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