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Go down – Bboy cheerito

video tutorial at the end

In the break dance there are many elements to develop, especially in the footwork, the truth is that the latter is very extensive.

You can do footwork with:

But to enter the footwork must be completed with a necessary element to transition all our dance to footwork and this element is called go down.

The go down are small variations or movements that we must do in a chain to complement the urban dance.

These are used to make power move transitions and in this way make better movements, we can also as I said complement footwork.

Bboy cheerito, is a very innovative bboy, his dance crossed all the regions of the world, his power moves, his tricks are of a very high and flexible level.

The tips that bboy cheerito is going to give you today will help you improve your dance to a supreme level, as part of the new season of break advice by red bull bc one.

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